4th Rally Vignes et Virages

Jetsimini organized on 24 and 25 March 2007, a new edition of the rally Vineyard and turns. An edition eagerly awaited, the seriousness and the sympathy of organizers have never denied. This year, 106 teams participated, almost as many remained on the waiting list!


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With the FARNaute, Christian Blois and FAR, le Russenberger company will make for the last time, a serie of switches for Alpine A310 1600, Alpine A310 V6 and Alpine A110 1600SX last version.


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Written by Hervé Valette   

Jean-Jacques Mancel wanted to talk about FAR in Berlnette Magazine. He has interviewed Thierry Falsetti and me for the april 2008 edition.
We invite you to read this article. We talk about our passion for Alpine, the birth of AlpineRenault.com and FAR, and our job on FAR. An opportunity for us to annonce the 10 years of AlpineRenault.com, and th start of the new version of the web site.

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