Tour Auto 2008

Betweenthe 25th and the 30th April 2005, a new edition you Tour Auto. An opportunity to admire beautiful cars on our roads and most beautiful circuits. This year has been that of Alpine! Indeed, it was never so many, many Alpine A110 group 4 were there.
Ultimately, these Alpine went very well behaved in Group H.


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With the FARNaute, Christian Blois and FAR, le Russenberger company will make for the last time, a serie of switches for Alpine A310 1600, Alpine A310 V6 and Alpine A110 1600SX last version.


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Written by Hervé Valette   

All FAR team wishes you a very happy new year, health, happiness, many miles in Alpine and Renault Sport and many successes.

All FAR team wishes you a very happy new year, health, happiness, many miles in Alpine and Renault Sport and many successes.

Download your free 2009 calendar!

Cécile06 participes regulary to the FAR photo contest, she has realized a full 2009 calendar, using pictures of this contest.
To download it...

Photo contest:

Participate you too ! And perharps, your picture would be selected...
To know more...

For this 2008 year, modérators and me, we have planned to create the first 'Oscars of the FAR'.
We will reward the most deserving photographers in 2008!

A new deisgn for AR and FAR Forum Alpine Renault web sites:

We wanted to offer, a more modern design. This required think of a complete overhaul of the site and adopt a more flexible technical solution.

Many projects on AR Alpine Renault :

Alpine Jaronn :

AR et plusieurs FARNAutes support Alpine Jaronn team from Netherlands. Randall Lawson has created a 1/43 model of his A310 of competition.
To know more...

Listing of A44x :

With some others fans coming from others forums, we have started to identify all Alpine A44x.
To know more...

De nombreux projets sur le FAR Forum Alpine Renault :

On FAR, many fans group together for order Alpine parts or rebuild some of them. Some examples here :

Visit FAR to know more...

More and more visits of!

You are more and more to visit our web sites.
For 2008, we have counted near 2 900 000 visits!
FAR Forum Alpine Renault count now more than 4300 member and near 120 000 messages.

Become reporter for :

If you have participated to an Alpine and Renault Sport meeting or a rallye, you would not hesitate to speak about it in the FAR or to send us pictures and report. They could be published on for free.
Contact us...

This letter has been sent to more 7500 fans. So, if you want to receive the next one, please to subscribe to List AR.



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