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Written by Hervé Valette   

For the second consecutive year, Vincent Lanthony and myself have participated in the last event of 2005 Alain Fabre Trophy, the 15th of octobre 2005, driving a Renault Gordini 8 Max 1100 ex-Max Soleil. This year, our ambitions has increased : do better than last year and on a faster place.

Renault 8 Gordini 1100 Lanthony-Valette

Remember the principle of this regularity challenge: After 4 hours of free tests in the morning, each team provides to the organization its reference time. At the end of 4 hours of the race, the best crews is the one who are best approached its reference reference on the best 60 laps counted among 100 laps. No timing system is allowed in the car (not watche on the scoreboard). Timing is the responsibility of a teammate on the edge of the runway.

Pace-car and Alpine A110 1600SC of Merlin-Merlin

Simca 1000 Rallye Todeschini-Grand. - Porsche 911 2.7 Piette-Beudin

Registration on friday afternoon:

Year after year, the park evolved: Alfa Romeo, BMW and Porsche are most numerous. Now, some profesionnal teams such as Polybaie participate in this challenge! It should be noted, still the Alpine A310 of the crew-Faucheux Faucheux, a winner on many Trophy races and the Alpine A110 SC of the Merlin Merlin crew.

However, the group of cars is always equally varied, from the Chrevolet Corvette to the Citroen 2CV!

Chevrolet Corvette Allard-Allard - Citroën 2CV - Austin Mini

Free  tests on saturday morning:

Fog ... Vincent engage first tests. At the end of 4-5 laps, the windshield of our car received a fatal stone! So, we need to find a windshield of urgency to achieve a few laps to be qualified.

Mutual between competitors has been fantastic. Mr. Idrac has contacted us for a friend near Nogaro. A windshield was recovered from a old Renault 10 and reassembled quickly on our Renault 8.

This will permit us to make some test laps and validate a time of 2'32! A relatively modest time, Vincent turns regularly 2'20!

But this choice proved very interesting!

We took a break when the others crews were working around thier cars!

Our strategy? Very simple : a Relay per hour, with a refueling at the end of 2 hours.

Rcae on afternoon:

After lunch, we placed the car on th track in the 'Le Mans' configuration, in the sun.

Start like Le Mans race

No more problem with the windshield!
The relay will pass very well. Despite some congestion of the track, we tried to keep our 2'32 reference time, for each lap.
The third relay is disrupted for 5 laps by the entrance to the pace car, due to a significant traces of oil. near the Ecole corner.

BMW 2002 Ti Idrac-Muraciolle-Dareaou - Renault 8 Gordini 1100

In the last relay, Vincent takes the wheel and the rain that we expected comes! Our modest powered car, equipped with Michelin XAS, allows Vincent to maintain our previous time of 2'32! This will not be the case for most of competitors.

Changing tires for some, change of clothes to the timekeepers!

We earn almost as a place ranking in each round!
At 6:00pm, at the end of the race, in a sun-income, we are 12th!
Many other crews had beginning the race with slick tyres and had  to change them during the rain.

For the overall standings, the Faucheux-Faucheux crew on Alpine A310 ranks 1st, the Enard Sebe crew on Alfa Bertone and Vigreux-Bletter team the 3rd.
The Alpine A110 1600SC crew ranks 18th.
Below are the official results:

After 1rt and after the 2nd hour

After the 3rd hour and after the final lap

Alpine A310 Faucheux-Faucheux - Renault 8 Gordini 1100 Lanthony-Valette

We (Vincent and myself) have to thank Christine and Nicolas for timing, supply and stewardship. We also thank Mr. Idrac, emeritus driver of a BMW 2002 Ti without which, without windshield, we would have been able to participate!
Also, we invite you to visit the official site of the Alain Fabre Trophy.
The Alain Fabre Trophy is today the last affordable challenge, the atmosphere between organizers and competitors is superb. Once again, for us, an excellent souvenir! 

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