20 Alpine exposées à Bergerac

A l'occasion de la 35° édition bourse échange de Bergerac, les 28 févirer et 1er mars 2009, Patrick Fourestié, vice président du CABACO réunissait plus de 20 Alpine !


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With the FARNaute, Christian Blois and FAR, le Russenberger company will make for the last time, a serie of switches for Alpine A310 1600, Alpine A310 V6 and Alpine A110 1600SX last version.


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100 Tours at Nogaro 2004 Print E-mail
Written by Hervé Valette   

Many people know the regularity in rally. The Trophy Alain Fabre includes two tests of regularity on the circuits of Ledenon and Nogaro.

Its principle is simple. After the 4 hours of free tests of the morning, each team provides to the organization his time of reference. After the 4 hours of race, the best crews will be those which is the closest of its time of reference on 60 laps among 100 laps.

No system of timing is authorized in the cars, the technical aids are authorized in the stands, the supplies are made in entry stands.

The year passed, in Nogaro, we had discovered as simple spectators, the last race of the Trophy Alain Fabre 2003. Allured by this test, we had made the bet take part the following year. And thus, October 16, 2004, we were registered !


Two drivers, Vincent, and Herve, respectively vice-president and secretary-webmaster of the STARC Aquitaine, Christine, the time keeper, Nicolas and Pierrick, our two time indicators and Philippe, president of the STARC Aquitaine, our mechanic: our team was created. Our car: a Renault 8 Gordini 1100 is certainly the least powerful car of the plate, but it is a true car of race. It took part during two seasons in VHC in Trophy Maxi 1000.

Stand et first test laps

During all this day, the rains didn't stop !

Free tests in the morning:

In addition to the means of test ourself with the circuit and its particular conditions weather, the tests also make it possible to define for each crew, time with the turn which it will be committed following throughout the 4 hours of race. It also allows to the pilots less expermiented to be ready to the race in group with cars from which the performances are very different (many Alfa, Porsche including one superb Carrera 6, Ford Escort and Capri, Lotus, Marcadier). Two Alpine A310 were present too. The Faucheux crew, father and son are besides the winner of the edition 2003.

Fiat 124 Abarth - Alpine A310 VE Faucheux

Porsche Carrera 6 - NSU

Porsche 911 Carrera - Alfa Romeo Bertone

We shared our stand with two sympathetic Spanish crews accustomed of this type of races. Good environment and the mutual help exist in the stands.

Renault 8 Gordini 1100 Maxi 1000 - Alfa Romeo Guilia GT

Only one problem : a windscreen wiper lost on the track... This essential accessory will be found intact during the pause lunch. 2' 47 '', it is the time which we had set, a modest time in agreement with the conditions weather and the lack of experience of drivers.

Race in the afternoon:

Always under the rain, the start is given behind the pace car. Vincent has some difficulties to slow down and be held with the 2' 47 ' '. His record is in 2' 30! As for Herve, it is given as well as possible to follow fixed time. Indeed, we let pass the faster cars and lose the optimal trajectory... But let us not seek more excuses!

Our chronometer team under the rain!

During the 4 hours, we changed the drivers 3 times.

Superb day, for a first race on circuit, a true race organized under the control of the FFSA. We covers 79 laps without any technical problem, an assistance limiting ourselves to fill the tank with gasoline.

Our Renault 8 Gordini - Fournier Marcadier

Lotus Europe - Alfa Romeo

The 3 first for this race are:

  1. Vigreux - Blattier with Alfa Romeo 2000 Bertone
  2. Todeschini - Grand with Simca Rallye 3
  3. Faucheux-Faucheux with Alpine A310 VE

As for us, we finish with honourable a 27th place among 42 crews.

It is not excluded that other Alpine crews join us the next year. Some think of it already! This race is superbe (serious organization and sympathetic team, environment, mutual aid, good atmosphere between competitors).
So we invite you to visit the official web site of Trophee Alain Fabre.

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