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A new design for AR Print E-mail
Written by Hervé Valette   

To celebrate its 10 years, we wanted to offer, a more modern design. This required think of a complete overhaul of the site and adopt a more flexible technical solution.

Using Joomla :

We have adopted the CMS Joomla. So, a content management system (CMS), is made to separate the content of the container, information on its layout. The result is a site with the professional look, a site whose management is simplified, bringing new features and future developments which are facilitated. This migration also has allowed us to rethink the ergonomics of the site while maintaining the simplicity of navigation.

A modern design:

Today, the site is complient with the web site standards. Visiting the site by the various tools (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari 2, Opera 9, OmniWeb, Shira, Netscape ...) on PC or on Apple should no longer be a problem. The blue and yellow colors of the old AlpineRenault web site are kept. A grey background now offers a more comfortable reading.

Currently the site is for the most part, the options available to the old site. Other tools will appear in the future. There is therefore:

New options:

Currently the new version site has, for the most part, the same options. Other tools will appear in the future. Then, there is:

  • a unique menu system, available on each pages of,
  • a blog system in each chapter to list all available pages,
  • a Search tool, a function which greatly missed,
  • a print option and a send-by-email option, available on each article,
  • a Flash animation to present a selection of the Photo Contest organized each month on FAR,
  • a mini gallery inside each illustrrated article. To use it, you have to double-clic on it to see image in a bigger format, then you can click on right or left site of it, to respectively see the next or the previous picture. A click outside the image is necessairy to come back to the page.
  • a new video gallery. Added to the photo gallery moved from the Old web site, we add a very amazing video gallery. More films will be added soon.
  • a Contact tooll, a forum available wherever you ar in the web site and which help your to contact us for all kind of messages (remarks, informations, questions...). 

FAR: Forum

Completly redesigned too, FAR , the forum of always uses the phpBB technology, in its most stable version.  Today, FAR seems to answer of the main part of your needs. But in future, it will changed taking care of your remarks.

Translation :

Today, all articles of web site aren't translated. So we are looking for a translator volonteer, knowing  mechanical and car vocabulary.
If an article isn't translated in english, the french version is presented. is your web site too!

You too, you can write an article for web site! If you have some original idea (Alpine meeting, rare car, car race, rebuiding...) do not hesitate to contact us, using the Contact form.

Old web site still available:

During th migration, the old version of web site is still available.

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