Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Alpine

Entered at Alpine in 1968, after many exploits on R8 Gordini, Jean-Pierre Nicolas remained faithful to Alpineuntil 1976, taking part in most of adventure. From R8 to A310, he all drove them: 1300, 1600, 1800, 1860, A310 4 cylinders, the protos A210 and even R12 and R17 Gordini. Here thus some memories on these models.


Last News

With the FARNaute, Christian Blois and FAR, le Russenberger company will make for the last time, a serie of switches for Alpine A310 1600, Alpine A310 V6 and Alpine A110 1600SX last version.


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End of an Alpine A110 Print E-mail
Written by Hervé Valette   

More than a long introduction, let's see the result. My Alpine A110 has totally burnt, after a probable of a gazoline circuit problem.


The worse is this story should have had an happy end, but a man hasn't want it !
Tthe webmaster hasn't any Alpine !
I needed to call to Justice.

Since 1st of november 2003, an Alpine A610 Turbo tries to replace it in my mind.

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