Jean-Luc Thérier

Pour beaucoup, Jean-Luc Thérier a été sans conteste, le meilleur pilote de Rallye que l'on ait connu. Retrouvez-le sous en 1985 dans le numéro 200 de la revue Echappement.


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Written by Hervé Valette   

1973, Great Year: Alpine-Renault is presented this year with the news A110 1800 and of great ambitions.
The engine 1800 made it possible to gain in couple and to compensate for the loss of power due to the new requirements as regards exhaust. Largest progress is due however to the modification of the pinions of box, which had given so many concern in 1972. The principal characteristics are thus:

  • engine postpones 1796cc (boring: 82,5 mm, race: 84 mm)
  • 165cv with 7000 trs/mn; 19,5 mkg of couple with 5000 trs/mn
  • weight of 685 kg.

In 1973 sees, the first World Rally championship appear. Alpine becomes during the winter 1972 Alpine-Renault, and will win it. The driver championship appears in 1979. Among the 13 rallies of the championship, Alpine planned 8 rallies. Alpine disputed in fact 10.

Monte-Carlo - January 19-27 - Alpine-Renault Triplet


Many abandonments strikes this 42nd Rally of Monte-Carlo. After a permanent battle, since the first special between the Alpine crews, Andruet won certainly the rally in the Coll of Couillole stage. When he was victim of a puncture slow, he prefered to  continue without himself stop, lose like 1' 15. The crew Andruet-Biche asserts itself on final following a masterly demonstration of his talent.


1. Andruet-Biche sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Andersson-Todt sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
3. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
4. Mikkola-Porter sur Ford Escord RS 2.0
5. Therier-Callewaert sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
6. Piot-Marnat sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800 

Sweden - February 15-18 - Great 3rd place for Therier


This rally proceeds primarily on ice and snow. The law prohibits the use of tires with nails. Although finishing 3rd, Therier makes in Sweden a superb demonstration. To be convinced some, it is enough to read an extract of the review Sport Car of April 1973: ' Ask a Sweden which is the best (pilot) of all. With a strong accent and in a unanimous way, they answer you: Jean-Luc Therier


1. Blomqvist-Hertz sur Saab V4
2. Eklund-Carlson sur Saab V4
3. Therier-Callewaert sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
4. Kallström-Billstam sur Lancia Fulvia
5. Lindberg-Andreasson sur Fiat 124 Spider
6. Waldegaard-Torszelius sur VolksWagen 1302S 

TAP - March 13-18 - Alpine-Renault 1-2 win

Remarks :

Without the bad luck of Darniche, Alpine-Renault signed a triplet. Alpine-Renault shows here the solidity and the reliability of these cars and raid the victory in Citroen DS 23 over these tracks ground.


1. Therier-Jaubert sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
3. Ramaozinho-Bernado sur Citroën DS 23
4. Netto-Coentro sur Fiat 124 Spider
5. Nunnes-Morais sur Porsche 911
6. Borges-Lemos sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800 

East-African Safari - April 19-22 - Alpine-Renault absent

Marocco - May 9-12   - A victory in geat request


More difficult still than the TAP, on paper, this rally was drawn for the Citroen. On 66 crews, only 13 reach the arrival, 12 will be classified. The 3 Alpine-Renault committed are on arrival! Therier will finish 7°. The demonstration is made: A110 are solid.


1. Darniche-Mahe sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Neyret-Terramorsi sur Citroën DS 23
3. Bohnicek-Kernmayer sur Citroën DS 23
4. Ponelle-de Serpos sur Citroën DS 23
5. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
6.Waldegaard-Sager sur Fiat 124 Spider 

Acropolis - 23-28 mai - Thérier winner


Therier realizes on a ground that he knows well a superbe rally and confirms his virtuosity. He dominates, flies over the rally from one end to another. He will finish with 7' 01 in advance on Aaltonen. He is also to note a spectacular increase of Nicolas after troubles of clutch


1. Therier-Delferrier sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Aaltonen-Turvey sur Fiat 124 Spider
3. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
4. Lindberg-Hertz sur Fiat 124 Spider
5. Fisher-Siebert sur  WolksWagen 1302S
6.Bochnicek-Kermayer sur Citroën DS23

Poland - july 13-15 - Alpine-Renault absent.

1000 Lakes - august 2-5 - Alpine-Renault absent

Autrian Alpes - september 12-16


Waldegaard on BMW 2002 dominated the rally. On decision of the police chiefs, it was displaced. Bernard Darniche inherits the first place. The Darniche-Mahe crew does not have demerity of it.


1. Darniche-Mahe sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Eklund-Reinicke sur Saab V4
3. Waldegaard-Thorzelius sur BMW 2002
4. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
5. Lindberg-Hertz sur Fiat 124 Spider
6. Russling-Weiss sur Porsche 911 Carrera RS

San-Remo - october 10-13 - Triumph of Therier


Out of Italian ground, on the country of FIAT, Therier-Jaubert crew imposes itself. In December 1973, Sport Auto magazine titrates its article: Its majesty Therier and written: " the domination of Jean-Luc Therier and Jacques Jaubert was so much hollowing out that the rally sank in the most complete quietude ".


1. Therier-Jaubert sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Verini-Torriani sur Fiat 124 Spider
3. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
4. Bisulli-Zanuccoli sur Fiat 124 Spider
5. Barbasio-Scabini sur Fiat 124 Spider
6. Paganelli-Russo sur Fiat 124 Spider 

Press on Regardless - november 31-5 - Alpine-Renault absent

Remarks :

This new test disputes in the United States. Few manufacturers will be presented to it. On the calculation of the points, Toyota was essential in front of Volvo, Datsun, and American Ford. 

Tour de Corse - december 1-2 - 5 for 6


Alpine-Renault plays at his place
Unlucky person again, Darniche, controlling for one of the first times A110 Groups 4 derived from the A1001600SC, gives up on breakage of tree with wheel. Alpine-Renault signs its best result here. Alpine-Renault celebrates with dignity its title of Champion of the World of the Rallies.


1. Nicolas-Vial sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
2. Piot-de Alexandris sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
3. Therier-Callewaert sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
4. Chasseuil-Baron sur Ford Escort RS 2000
5. Serpaggi-Mariani sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800
6. Manzagol-Alessandri sur Alpine-Renault A110 1800 

Results for 1973

Official Results of 1973 Rally World Championship:

1 Alpine-Renault 160   7 wins
2 Fiat 89   1 win
3 Ford 76   2 wins
4 Saab 45   1 win
5 Volvo 44   -
6 Datsun 34   2 wins
7 Citroën 33   -
8 Porsche 29   -
9 Toyota 26   1 win
10 Opel 25   -

Virtual 1973 Pilot Results:

This title does not exist yet in 1973. It will appear only in 1979. Waldegaard will be the titrated first. It is certain that if this title have exist in 1973, the title manufacturer of Alpine-Renault himself be supplement some title pilot with Jean-Luc Therier, judge by much like the good pilot of all the time! 

Jacques Cheinisse Interview

In january 74, Jacques Cheinisse - Race manager of   Alpine-Renault answers some Sport-Auto magazine questions concerning the Fabulous 1973 season:

On what   you did center season 73, which were your plans concerning the Championship of the World of the Rallys?

" At the end of 72, the relationss of Alpine with the Renault were tightened and we established a well defined policy. It have be decide that after 1972, one year of transition, we aim at the 73 World Championship, and that we expect the prototype 2 liter so that this one aim the 1974 Europe Championship. We try to release a precise policy over three years. To win the World Championship, we have decided to run eight of thirteen rallies, (we have run ten, the RAC to reward our pilots and the Tour de Corse because it's the only French rally  and that Alpine-Renault himself must to there be), in draw aside the 1000 Lake rally, the East African Safari and the Press One Regardless for reasons of financial economies purely and simply. It should be said that the RAC will be our program the next year, and it is a rally which it is necessary well to know before winning, especially for the pilots. "

Which was your more beautiful victory 73?

" Apart from Rally of Monte-Carlo which be a splendid victory, because if it there have a rally to win, it's the Monte-Carlo, our more beautiful victory be undoubtedly the Rally of Morocco, because it have be the more difficult. "

Can you define principal qualities of the Berlinette?

" Reliability and handiness. Its larger defect is a tactical defect, a belt of enough high case for a very low car what does not generate one excelling visibility. It is particularly awkward in the rallies where there are humps as in Great Britain. On the other hand, aerodynamism is good. "

Do you think that the championship was more or less competitive that in the past?

" It was more competitive; we had to face the FIAT Abarth, who besides parked points everywhere; the participation of Ford was significant and Escort are more powerful than the Berlinettes; one should not either neglect Saab in the tests of ground or snow, and if the championship had left well for Lancia, this mark would have surely taken part in it more often; one needs meter with the return in strength of the japonnaises with Datsun and the Toyota. "

How many mechanics work on your cars?

" It is variable according to programs'. On the program rally, there is between 15 and 20 mechanics, and in fact the m^mes make the assistances. In England, there were 10 of them, in Corsica 18, in Monaco, about thirty, in Morocco 17 or 18. "

Can you define your pilots?

" I think that with them three, they train a very welded team, which is supplemented very well.  there is the sprinter, it's Darniche, the improviser, it's Therier, the value sure, it's Nicolas, but they can all three fill a role different and in Corsican the sprinter, it be Nicolas. "

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