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De la hauteur de crémaillière va découler des variations de parallèlisme, Il est donc important de la régler correctement. L'objectif est de réduire le plus possible les variations de parallélisme des roues avant lors du débattement de la suspension.


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Written by Hervé Valette   

We have heard many rumors about it. Today, the 4th of march 2008, Renault Sport presents the new Twingo RS at the Geneva Motor Show. Some days before, Renault Sport has sent this announce:

Twingo Renault Sport,experience the Renault Sport thrill:

Twingo Renault Sport,experience the Renault Sport thrill: Twingo Renault Sport is a genuine hot hatch with looks to match and was designed to deliver both enjoyable roadholding and genuine sports performance.
Its efficient, balanced chassis has been mated to a fiery but flexible 133hp engine to form a package that is sure to appeal to all those who seek sporting sensations and driving pleasure during everyday motoring.

Unmistakable sporting credentials:

Renault has produced an affordable high-performance car which sits alongside Clio and Mégane Renault Sport in the Renault Sport range.
Twingo's existing lines are underpinned by a more curvaceous, athletic stance and the newcomer's sporty calling is further emphasized by its wider front and rear wings, profiled sills and spoiler.

Driving pleasure and sporting sensations during everyday motoring:

Twingo Renault Sport is the response of Renault Sport Technologies' experts to a two-pronged challenge, namely to deliver sports performance while at the same time ensuring that the new car is easy to use on a day-to-day basis.
Twingo Renault Sport's chassis is both responsive and finely tuned to provide precise, balanced sports handling, while specific work on the pitch of its new 133hp 1,598cc engine reveals its punchy temperament.

Remind that this engine could be used for a a hypothtic light weigt Berlinette project!
Renault Sport offer us a little Flash animation to present Twingo RS.

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