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Written by Hervé Valette   

Designed resolutely, deliberately for the competition or the customers in love with sporting drive on the level of fanaticism, without any preoccupation of comfort and an installation for small middle-class man, Alpine A110 1600S holds, in this spirit, more than of the promises. True small bomb, its handling, its punch get an approval at the wheel which really comes out of the paths more the enchanteurs and give, with each kilometer, a heart and a direction on which reign frequently rapture.
(L'Automobile,  1970)

We had spoken  much and one still speak much about it, the discussion always returns to it in the large club of the initiates, it is the pet. One thinks of it while laughing at satisfaction, and of close, one flatters it, one it côtoie avecr respect. Some even fear it because it is a small monster.

Reproaches, one can make some to him. Not in the field of beam-frame in any case, nor on that of suspension with 4 wheel independent, and still less on that of engine, always derivative of R16 TS, of which the cylinder A be protée with 1605cc, and which, feed by two Weber double-body of 45, develop 125cv DIN with 6000 trs/mn, that a box with 5 report synchronize exploit suitably. No, the bad side, it be necessary the seek in a design of body which date, but fact always of effect, and which cause a cockpit narrow, with visibility limit, saver nothing in the kind concert of culbuterie, of transmission, of aspiration of carburettor, the all bathe in the emanation of gasoline., by-here by spiced there of an exhaust fumes pinch...

But what import that when, sitted with cockpit de pilotage, or rather install the head in bottom, the foot in top, you take in hand the small wheel, and that after a glance with management report de bord clear and complete, you yourself launch on the road. Of course, one realizes quickly that it is not a private car large-:   there is little place behind the two seats for the luggage: the autostability is missing on the motorway, by cross-wind. Not, which il  is necessary for him, it is the small road, the relief route if you want, who requires a little navigation. There, it is the Effectiveness with a large E. You drive a ultra-sensitive race car, where the security is breathed, even at high speed. You feel it at the end of your arms and your feet. You do not drive a car: you move with a machine which is the prolongation of you even. You put the nose where to you wish it: the aft wheels will make the remainder with the more extreme precision.

A pleasure of every moment, a car-toy which does not have an equivalent in term of car. And if you find it small size, of too small size even, think all the same that with 210 km/h of point, you will belong to a relatively closed caste, that of more 200km/h.
(Sport Auto - october 1972)



Very good performances
Precise Handiness
Unlimited pleasure of driving
Unlimited behavior
Sympathethic external aspect



High sonorous level
Small habitability
Limited visibility
Gasiol relents in the cockpit
Difficult handling


Technical informations:


Alpine A110 1600S - Type 1600VB 1972 - Chassis #:
type 4 cylinders in line
place longitudinal, overhang back
cubic capacity 1605cc
boring x stroke (mm)        78 x 84 mm
compression ratio 10.25 : 1
max. power 123 hp at 6000 rpm
power specific 75 hp/l
max. torque at t/mn 15 mkg at 5000 rpm
carburettors 2 Weber 45DCOE
distribution lateral camshaft
ignition bobine / distributor
bloc/cylinder head matter iron / aluminium
crankshaft 5 bearing crankshaft
cooling by liquid
electrical equipment alternator 12 V
mode rear wheel
clutch dry single plate
gearbox 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse
ratios 1° - 3,61/1 - 8.520 km/h at 1000 rpm
2° - 2,36/1 - 13.010 km/h at 1000 rpm
3° - 1,69/1 - 18.180 km/h at 1000 rpm
4° - 1,29/1 - 23.845 km/h at 1000 rpm
5° - 1,03/1 - 31.760 km/h at 1000 rpm
R - 3,08/1
type and structure central axe, polyester body
front suspension superposed triangles, coil springs, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
rear suspension double telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers sets,
brakes 4 assisted disks
steering with toothead rack
rims GT of aluminium, 5" x 13"
length x width x heigh 399, 5 x 149 x 113 cm
footing 210 cm
front and rear gauges 163,6 - 132,5 mm
gasoline capacity 38
cooling liquid capacity 10 l
weight in functioning order 715 kg
fiscal power 9 CV
max. speed 210 km/h
1000m start 29,4 s



Impossible to list all this prize list. From 1596cc to 1860cc, the differents models of Alpine A110 1600S have one ot the best prize list. The best one is the the title of World Rally Champion in 1973.

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