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  Tour Auto 2004 at Arbis  
  A runny stage !  

This 2004 edition of Tour Auto had a break at Bordeaux after a stage between Puisseguin and St. Emilion, for a night at Bordeaux and before a new stage the day after in Entre-Deux-Mers area.!
A new opportunity for the fans we are, to meet fabulous sport cars ont the road !
This opportunity was very good because the start of the stage of Chateau de Benauge was in front of the house of one of most famous STARC Aquitaine member. at Arbis, a small village !

Tour Auto is always composed of a very rick panel of 60's and 70's sport cars.
Splendid cars and famous drivers (Andruet, Ragnotti, Comas...).

Ligier JS1 - Lancia Stratos

This year, many splendid Alpine were present.

A splendid panel of Alpine A110 competition models !

Under a continuous rain, we have welcomed the Alpine crews and discusses some minutes with all of these nice crews.

Alpine A110 1600 Gr 4 Ex-Wollek of Ragnotti-Mercier

Superbe Alpine A110 1800 Gr 4 Ex-Darniche of Chambord-Baschiera

Alpine A110 1600S Gr 4 of Rédélé-Besson
and Alpine A110 Bis 1800 of Comas-Terrasse

Alpine A110 1800 Gr 4 of Marcy-Erculisse
and Alpine A110 1600S of Kerpoisson-Kerpoisson

Alpine A110 1600S of nice Barral-Champy crew

Alpine A106 1956 of Bouzanquet-Detroyes
and Dauphine Gordini 1960 of Delafon-Mutsaars

Rainy atmosphere, isn't it ?

The stage was stopped after 2 accidents because of the rain. After this stage, the crews went to Nogaro track where STARC Aquitaine invite you at the end of may 2004.

Despite of the cold rain, the fans has admired a beautifyl panel !
For us, this morning was finsihed close to the start of this stage with a rib steack roasted with vine shootdiner, a speciality of the region.
A great thank to Gerard !

The gallery of this stage...

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