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2008-06-01 - Internet
The new version of web site is started. This old version will be stay in this state, witout more evoution!
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  2008-02-15 - Galleries
Tiery exposes here his photos of
Monte Carlo Historique 2008
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  2008-01-21 - Exhibition
"Passion Alpine - Hommage à Jean Rédélé"
L'Atelier Renault invites to visit its new exhibition, celebrating Passion Alpine and presenting a tribute to Jean Rédélé.
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  2007-06-30 - News
Dieppe celebrated the 22-24th of june 2007, the Alpine A310 V6 with near 600 fans !
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2007-06-25 - Galleries
Dieppe celebrated (23 and 24 of june 2007) the 30th birthday of Alpine A310 V6, a new opportunity to meet many FARNautes
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2007-05-02 - Gallery
The FARNaute Tiery sent us some new beautiful pictures of Tour Auto 2007
Thank to him !
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2006-12-02 - Calendar
Since 4 months, offers you free beautiful wall papers for your PC.
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2007-01-28 - News
Some FARNautes are in the race, Monte Carlo Historique 2007. Some others send us some beautiful pictures.
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2006-12-02 - Story
The race like we are in with le Tahitien ! This time in 1974 with an Alpine A110 at hte Rallye of marroco.and with Geoffory de Warren
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2006-10-27 - Story
Le Tahitien, new FARNaute explains in this new page his experience of Rallye of Marroco 1973 with Jean Poirot in aRenault 12 Gordini.
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2006-10-16 - Galleries
With more than 2200 pictures, offer you one of the most importante gallerie of Alpine cars on the Net.
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2006-10-15 - Galeries
Tiery, the winner of the picture contest of september offers us some new pictures opf the Mont Blanc rallye 2006
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2006-10-05 - Picture contest
FARNautes moderators has selected the 4 first pictures
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2006-09-10 - Contest creates a
pictures contest on the FAR. Let's go to take picture of Alpine and Renault Sport !

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2006-07-07 - News
Le Mans Classic has become one of the famous meeting of hsitoric and sport cars in the world.
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  2006-06-06- Galleries
Aroung 60 new pics for this splendid meeting of historical and race cars meeting at le Mans Classic
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2006-06-27 - Diary
Le Mans Classic : the best old race car meeting in the world for an english newspaper ! More than 35 FARNautes will assist at Mans Classic 2006.
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