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  Le Mans Classic 2004  
  The best meeting in the World !  

For many americans crews, le Mans Classic has becomed the best historical sport cars meeting in the World !
Near 400 sport cars sorted in 6 groups, more than others 4000 sport cars exposed by clubs in the middle of the circuit of the 24 heures du Mans !

For Renault and Alpine, the Renault's Histoire and Collection Service welcome on its park, near the track, 300 sport cars, the most part of Alpine.

Many Alpine A110

Alpine A310 and A610 Turbo

The 3 Alpine A442 and the Alpine A443 of the 24h du Mans 1978. Renault has received the prize of the most beautiful parc of this meeting.

Many Alpine models has participated Alpine M63B, M64, A210 , A220 et A443.

Alpine M63B Besson-Peccollo - Alpine M64 Rédélé

Alpine A210 Besson-Dougnac - Alpine A210 Stepak-Bianchi

Alpine A220 Stepak-Stepak-Bianchi - Alpine A443 Jaussaud-Ragnotti-Serpaggi

Very difficult to summarize these 3 days ! For us, these days has been the best we have with historic sport cars ! We remenber...

  • After each test period, the Renault team driving the Alpine A443 doing a public debriefing.

  • The atmosphere of the races by night, with a real fan people.

  • Some fabulous cars !

Chevron B16 - Ferrari 512M

  • When a member of the Alpine A220 team, offer me to have access near the track during races.

  • When we shared fabulous moments with the Alpine teams and meet Mauro Bianchi family, JC Rédéle, J. Ragnotti, A. Serpaggi and JP Jaussaud and many others Alpine people.

Mauro Bianchi and Alpine A443 drivers

  • When we met some olders of the Coupe 8 Gordini.

  • When we met some others sympathetic teams, for example, the team of this Lola T294.

  • Many english fans coming from UK using Ford GT 40, AC Cobra, or Lola T70 ! Respect !
  • The discussions very late, with Jean-Jacques and Roger of Berlinette Magazine.

Many souvenirs !

2004-08-06 -

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