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  Rallye of September  
  STARC Aquitaine - under the sun !  

For this third quarter 2004, STARC Aquitaine organized on September 18, for its members a rally in the South-Gironde. A sunny day ! 20 crews were present. In the morning, th rallye started at the Renault Garage of Langon for the breakfast and the briefing.

Centre d'essais Renault comme on les aimerait - Alpine A110 1300G

Clio V6 et Renault 5 Turbo - Briefing

The first stage, Langon-Toulenne, offered beautiful areas, Roquetaillade, Bazas...

Alpine A610 Turbo - Alpine V6 Turbo

Alpine A310 V6 - Renault 12 TS

Alpine V6 GT - Alpine A110 1600S

Alpine A310 V6

Alpine A310 1600 - Alpine A310 V6

During this stage, several crews lost themselves... This always gives place to your curious situations... 7 Alpine stopped near a crossroads in the medium of wood : "it is on the right ! Not on the left ! We are completely lost ! I had said it to you, it was on the left... " But always in good atmosphere !

Jardinage - Mais où est ce panneau 'Direction Gans' ?

All craws are arrived at Toulenne for the meal, even if many crews forgot themselves. With the end of the meal, the copies were distributed to each crew.

How to find the good road on the maps ?

This new stage between Langon and Podensac, thus enabling us to discover the large castles of Sauterne, Yquem, Suduirault.... Here the same crews lost themselves, they however had a map ! Let us excuse them ! There was thier first rally !

Parking at Podensac

Lillet factory (aperitif of Bordeaux)

All the crews, members of STARC Aquitaine

Superbe road, superbe weather, very cool feeling !

2004-09-19 -

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