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  Dieppe 2007 - 22-24 of june 2007  
  Dieppe celebrated Alpine A310 V6 !  

This year, AAA regrouping the Alpine technicians and engineers, organized, the 22, 23 and 24th of june 2007, a new meeting to celebrate the 30th birthday of Alpine A310 V6. Near 600 fnas were registered, more 100 of them are FARNautes (members of forum).

FARNautes meeting in the rain

A very wet weather, we regret the absence of Renault Histoire and Collection, Renault had however taken some benefice o the title of Champion of France of the Rally in 1977. With the assistance of the Renault Histoire et Collection, the AAA would have presented more interesting cars, it is a pity!
We will be able to also regret that the old factory, rue Pasteur, it wasn't in state to support all the fans. Indeed, according to AAA'S, it was the last occasion to visit this place full of history.

The specialists also noticed on the absence of reliable information on the exposed cars. The very beautiful A310 V6 Calberson exposed is only one evocation of the true car and nothing indicated that JP Prevost exposed one of the 6 true ones groups IV.

In the chapter of the personalities, we could meet: Jean-Claude Andruet, Jean-Luc Therier, Guy Frequelin, Jacques Delaval, Alain Serpaggi, Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, and knwon Jean Ragnotti. Others will have been able to find many technicians, mechanics and engineers of the great Time, very implied in the organization.

Some beautiful models of A310 V6 range.

Dieppe will have been a superb occasion to find many FARNautes (impossible to name them all) and to discuss our cars abundantly, to exchange with the specialized press, Mille Miles and Berlinette Mag, to admire the work of each one on its car and to promise themselves to find itself soon.

Sympa de revoir autant d'Alpine à l'Usine

Sympathetic event : the visit of the factory of Alpine, avenue of Bréauté, charmed much of impassioned. It was possible to park the cars around the factory where all these cars were born.

However, Thank you a lot AAA and the Factory of Dieppe for their important mobilization for this weekend. It is always a joy of being able to share with the members of the AAA a few moments of common passion.
Now, could we expect the next meeting with an real implication of Renault History and Collection?

A large parc of Alpine A610 too !

Find the gallerie on et discuss about this meeting on FAR forum.

25-06-2007 -

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