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  Activities in 2000  
  Ours activities in 2000...  

Ours cars aren't made to sleep in a museum !
The best solution to admire some A110, A310, A610 or others Renault Gordini, consit in assiting at some old car show.
So, Alpine Sport Promotion and STARC Aquitain take part of many rallyes in South West of France.
This page shows us some phtos of rallies.

See here the sport events Alpine Sport Promotion and STARC has participated:


  00/09/03 STARC Aquitaine organized ree tests series for Alpine and Renault Sport teams at the Merignac Circuit.
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  00/06/24 Coupe de l'Age d'Or at Monthlery (France)
We have seen many Alpine and Renault Sport.
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  00/06/03 Jean-Pierre Pic Rally
Deux days on the Medoc area.
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  00/05/27 Last meeting before the rally
We have fixed the road of the rally.

  00/04/08 STARC Aquitaine Assembly :
We fixed the last problems to the next rally.
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  00/04/08 Around 200 old sport cars have participated to the Tour-Auto 2000. We have visited them at Nogaro !
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  00/04/08 Free tests on the Circuit of Bordeaux Merignac
Around 25 sports cars on the circuit during the afternoon.

  00/04/07 STARC Aquitaine Assembly
We try to fix the last problem of the organization of the meeting of june.

  00/03/03 STARC Aquitaine Assembly
The road for the rally of june seems to be fixed. Go to the Medoc !

  00/02/25 STARC Aquitaine offers a diner to all members for the birthday of Dr. Duval, the oldest Alpine club active member we know : 85 years old.

  00/02/04 STARC Aquitaine Assembly
News and first steps of organization

  00/01/01 STARC Aquitaine Assembly
We have fixed the dates of 3 meetings (see Diary 2000)

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